Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The waiting game!

Waiting and Waiting!
I am sitting here at 11:10 pm waiting not so patiently for my boy, Tanner to get on his email to send his weekly missionary email home! I am getting sleepier and sleepier, but I must stay awake!! 
This is my weekly ritual on Tuesday nights!  
Because "Elder Dahl" is in Russia, he is 1o-11 hours ahead of us. So when he gets on it is morning. With daylight savings he is 11 hours ahead. Well, last week, daylight savings had gone off, and so he was 10 hrs ahead. Which meant he got on an hour earlier. I happened to be at book club, and had not written my email to him, thinking I had plenty of time when I got home, since he usually doesn't write until between 11 and 12. Then I check my texts, and at 9:30 pm Sam had texted me that he was on!!! I panicked! What? I have to still write! I am not home to be able to go back and forth with him! NOoooooooooooooooooooo! It can't be!! Freak out mode!!! I CANNOT MISS MY BABY BOY. I ONLY GET ONCE A WEEK! THIS TIME IS PRECIOUS AND SACRED!!!
 I rush home, and luckily he was still on and had about 30 minutes still to be on, and I was able to ask him questions, "chat" as much as possible with the back and forthness of email, and I felt good. I had narrowly escaped the near miss of not getting my weekly "fix" of my missionary!! AND-- it was still fairly early and I could get to bed at a decent time!!! Usually, I would stay up late, until he got on, then stayed on until he was through, and then by 1 am I usually would climb into bed. 
So here we are tonight!! I have planned ahead! Wrote my email to him during the day today, so as not to forget or run into problems tonight! He should be getting on earlier due to daylight savings changing (yes, they even have it in Russia!! Although he did say last week that they are considering dropping it, because it messes with their minds or some such logic!!).
So what's the problem??? IT is 11:21 pm and here I sit. Waiting. And waiting. Checked my blogs. Checked for ideas for my YW's lesson. Keep checking back to see if he's on yet. Nope!!! 
Figures! I am prepared before hand. Ready to go. So Murphy's Law is that he is waylaid and will be later than normal.
But do I give up???? I'm a missionary mom. NEVER!!!